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Stand up for the Shia Hazara of Quetta

Our goals:

Law Enforcement Accountability, Now!

Police must conduct proper investigations; gather evidence, identify suspects, and make arrests. The Judiciary must prosecute suspects in a court of law, punish those convicted, and otherwise provide justice for victims and their families. If Balochistan’s law enforcement agencies and judiciary are unable or unwilling to carry out these basic duties, then the federal government of Pakistan must intervene immediately to provide law enforcement, security, and constitutional due process to victims and their families.

Religious Freedom and Security, Now!

All religious minorities of Pakistan must be afforded the freedom to practice their religion publicly and without fear of reprisal, violence, or intimidation. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Part II., Chapter One, Sections 19 & 20) enshrines these rights for all citizens; therefore the Federal Government must ensure these rights are upheld for all citizens at all times, regardless of disparities between the provinces or intraregional conflicts.

Education and Community Solidarity, Now!

In the absence of adequate law enforcement, protecting ourselves against sectarian criminals and terrorists is the personal responsibility of each and every citizen of Pakistan. Minority communities in particular must exercise extreme vigilance and awareness of their surroundings for any potential threats from those who wield the gun. Non-minority communities and supporters should do the same and join in the effort to flush out these sectarian criminals wherever they may hide. This effort begins and ends with local education, dialogue, and advocacy. Talk to your neighbors and get the conversation started today!

Take Action Now

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